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  • How to find the “right” price for your home
  • How to stay in compliance with current real estate laws
  • A complete step by step guide-from putting your home up for sale, to filling out the sales contract and completing the sale
  • It gives you the 3 most effective ways to advertise your home
  • How to properly stage your home
  • How to use the internet to drive buying traffic to your home
  • How to negotiate with problem buyers
  • What papers you’ll need to have and how much money you will need for closing
  • What to look for on the closing statement
  • 5 proven newspaper ads to market your home
  • Seller’s home assessment checklist

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  • Cheat sheet checklist that takes you through the entire sales process
  • A copy of all of the forms you will need to sell your home
  • Bonus video shows you exactly (step by step) how to fill out the forms necessary to be in compliance with Louisiana Real Estate Law

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